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Premium Animal Nutrition for Livestock

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Premium Animal Nutrition for Livestock

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Premium Animal Nutrition for Livestock

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Welcome to 4 Season Company

4 Season Company Pty Ltd, a proudly Australian owned company has been supplying Animal Nutrition Products to Rural Stores across Australia since 1997. Working closely with leading Australian universities, researchers, levy bodies and major producers, 4 Season continues to change and model feeding supplements for high productivity and health.

4 Season’s products are being sought by Rural Producers across Australia, South Pacific and Asia.

With a local and national footprint 4 Season can supply a range of blocks that will meet the needs of livestock for all conditions throughout the year. The 4 Season block range caters for all categories of stock and sizes of businesses. Supplying both salt and molasses based supplement in many sizes to suit various applications, creating flexibility to ensure that the best nutrition is available all year round.

Looking For Medicated Blocks?

Effective aid in the control of bloat in cattle.

Four Season’s KEY Animal Nutrition Products include a range of salt blocks such as:

4SC Dryfeed –   A premium protein, mineral & vitamin block for sheep and cattle grazing stubble & dry pasture.

4SC Greenfeed –  A premium magnesium mineral & vitamin supplement for cattle & sheep grazing on all types of pastures & crops.

Ewe & Lamb – A Protein/nutrition supplement for ewes & Lambs.

Pasture 16– A balanced supplement containing 16 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements for Sheep and Cattle.

Pre-Lamb – A Protein supplement for lambing ewes, an ideal block used for improving colostrum & milk production levels at lambing time.

Pro 40 – A premium Protein supplement for Sheep and Cattle grazing dry pasture.

Protein 50 – The Premium Protein block for cattle and sheep, containing 50% protein with high levels of bypass protein ideal for lactating or younger stock grazing on dry conditions.

Stubblebuster – A dry feed supplement block for all sheep and cattle grazing on dry pastures or crops.


Cow & Calf,  Dry Spell, Dry Spell 22, MMM

Coastal Cattle Block – An energy rich, high sulphur/phosphorus supplement for grazing cattle in Qld and Northern NSW coastal areas.

Prolamb – A premium nutrition/energy supplement for ewes and new lambs on pasture.


Protect– An effective aid in the control of bloat in cattle.


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