A highly palatable molasses based TERIC block.

Designed for beef cattle threatened by pasture and feedlot bloat.

Containing active ingredient Alcohol Ethoxylate which allows the gases to escape and therefore relieving the deadly symptoms.

Packaged in a biodegradable box for convenient and easy handling.

Ideally it’s best to have PROTECT available for animals prior to impending bloat season.

Net Weights: 15kg & 40kg blocks

Average Consumption rates:
Allow one 15kg block per 5 head of cattle
Allow one 40kg block per 10 head of cattle
Blocks should be fed out 2 weeks prior to expected start of bloat season and continued at the same rate until season finishes.

Note: Replace as consumed.

Consumption can vary with severity of bloat-forming chemicals
in the pasture.

APVMA Approval: 84338/110148

protect fact sheet for four season
Alcohol Ethoxylate10.0%
Bypass Protein Meal2.8%
Total protein equivalents (Max)1.0%
Salt (NaCI)3.2%
Calcium (Ca)2.3%
Magnesium (Mg)2.7%
Phosphorus (P)0.6%
Sulphur (S)0.1%
Note: This product does not contain restricted animal material.

Conditions of sale:

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